Talking ecoLogical card set

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Talking_Eco_Pack_Visual copy.jpg

Talking ecoLogical card set

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Talking ecoLogical is a set of 40 cards that can be used by anyone wanting to open up reflection and conversation about environmental sustainability. They can be used for team building, personal reflection, journalling and creative writing, evaluation and assessment, goal setting and planning, research and organisational change.

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We are coming to realise that creating a sustainable future requires us to change much more than the light bulbs … it’s about more livable homes, communities and cities; healthy buildings; networked and local energy, food systems and economies. My hope is that the conversations arising out of using this card set will help us move to a place where we can be driven by the urgency of our challenges and the beauty of our dreams ... and, along the way, be buoyed by the social connectedness that comes with positive cultural change for sustainability
— Ian McBurney

Download the 40 page Talking ecoLogical booklet here 

Download the 40 page Talking ecoLogical Booklet here for heaps of activities for the cards, facilitation tools and tips, further reading and references. 

Who could use Talking ecoLogical and How?

Educators: Plan your sustainability unit. Green teams: Plan your year’s activities. Community organisations: Create your vision. Managers and Leaders: Build teams and inspire change. Event organisers: Offer a unique opening or closing activity. School principals: Engage your staff and students on sustainability. Facilitators: Run large/small group conversations and create a buzz. Everyone: have the deep conversations we need to have about the creation of a society and economy that fits here on earth.