A Business Sustainability Mentor

The Path to Better Business

The path to sustainability is the path to better business. It's about increasing productivity, reducing costs, about product and service innovation and the goodwill of the marketplace. 

  • What are waste, power, fuel and water costing your business?
  • Have you thought through the business enhancing opportunities of the path to sustainability? 
  • Have you imagined how your business will operate in a sustainable future?

I work with your executive team to create a vision and your green team to work towards that vision.

I am an environmental engineer who can help you uncover your costs of waste and pollution - and help you discover the business benefits of the path to sustainability.

I am an educator and culture change practitioner who can help you engage and inspire your people. 

Are you ready for the journey?


Success Stories

  • At Jimmy Possum we reduced the power bill by an average 15% across their Australian stores and 10% at the manufacturing plant, saving tens of thousands of dollars
  • At Bendigo Community Health Services the Green Team reduced the power bill by 11% and 12% at two sites, through behaviour change and small retrofits.
  • At St. John of God Hospital Bendigo the Green Team has implemented energy and waste reduction programs and changed all the lights in the hospital to LED, dropping the hospital power bill by 10%. In 2014 we aim to reduce the hospital's waste by half.
  • The St. Lukes Anglicare Green Team reduced waste and energy across 17 sites, introduced a staff bike fleet, decamped, switched off and rewrote the organisation's environment policy to embed the change.
  • In delivering the Bendigo Business Sustainability Program with in partnership with VECCI, the 15 small businesses involved reduced energy use by 10%, saving money, becoming more efficient and feeling great about what they do. 
  • At Meritor PL we helped replace manual weld testing with machine testing, saving $50,000 annually. 
How can we improve your business? Leap onto the path to sustainability and save money, reduce waste and pollution, increase market share, help create history, improve your workplace culture, increase productivity, avoid fines, lead your industry, win awards and feel good. Globally, organisations are re-imagining themselves to exist healthily within the natural systems and cycles on the planet. The possibilities are endless and wonderful. For business, for society, for ecology.
— Ian McBurney

Book our Business Services ...

1. The Business Mentor Program: a cost positive journey: We guide your business over the long term towards an ecologically sustainable future enabling and inspiring your people and enhancing your business systems, at your pace and cost positive.  You choose a low monthly rate.

2. Professional Development, Speaking and Facilitation

  • We train your Green Team to drive your organisation into the future. 
  • Book an Executive Workshop to enable your leaders to continue to lead into the 21st century and the new economy.
  • Book a Speaker for your AGM or event.
Ian helped us set goals & targets, benchmark our environmental impact, set up key environmental actions & educate all staff. Ian’s mentoring & leadership set us on a journey which has seen us achieve significant energy savings across the business. Indeed, we reduced the energy bills at our stores by an average of 15%. In one store this equated to an annual saving of $16k.
— David Hughes | Manager Sustainability Programs | Jimmy Possum
Thank-you for the great support you have offered our agency to turn our green wish list into practical outcomes. Your broad range of skills & your approach ensure that we have a great plan, an enthused & knowledgeable team, creative innovations and a commitment to follow-through and ‘just do it’! Its been great having you at our meetings, on the end of a phone, emailing new ideas & most importantly helping to drive our journey and constantly encouraging us. Thanks
— David Pugh | CEO | St. Lukes Anglicare

Clients ...

Since 2002 Ian has advised, assisted, trained, educated, or mentored many organisations, including:

  • City West Water
  • South East Water
  • Melbourne Water
  • Nillumbik Shire Council
  • Banyule City Council
  • Boroondara City Council
  • Whitehorse City Council
  • City of Port Phillip
  • City of Kingston
  • City of Melbourne
  • Greater Bendigo City Council
  • Mount Alexander Shire Council
  • Swan Hill Rural City Council
  • St. Lukes Anglicare
  • Bendigo Community Health Services
  • Blacktown City Council
  • Willoughby City Council
  • Penrith City Council
  • Auckland Council
  • Jimmy Possum Furniture
  • St. John of God Hospital, Bendigo
  • North Central CMA
  • Goulburn Broken CMA
  • South Pacific Tyres
  • Venture Plastics
  • Australian Arrow  
  • VDO Industries
  • Deakin University
  • Latrobe University
  • RMIT University
  • Victoria University
  • And countless small businesses