MC: A sustainability-knowledgable, funny, on time and on message Master of Ceremonies

I witnessed Ian MC two events in Bendigo during my recent Australian visit, and what I saw was masterful, funny, inclusive, and eloquent. I had no idea that he was an MC, only that I had seen few if any as good or better.
— Paul Hawken, environmentalist, entrepreneur, journalist, author, CEO One Sun Solar and quite possibly the worlds leading environmentalist
Ian McBurney is a fun, quirky, juggler, soothsayer, thinker and entertainer who presides over complex discussions with masterful aplomb, humour and respect for a diversity of views …all the while ensuring that his prodigious knowledge, extraordinary experience, passionate beliefs and engaging  talents never outshine anyone else’s contribution…. He is a rare blend of smarts, humour, humility and respect.
— Ken Marchingo, Chief Executive Officer, Haven; Home, Safe, 2017
Thank you for your work in the lead up to the conference that included many, many conversations over email and phone. Right from the ‘get-go’ you understood the conference objectives and I had complete confidence you would facilitate and MC the conference with passion and professionalism. You absolutely nailed it. From my perspective, and from what I’ve been hearing, you had the right mix. I loved the rain indoors activity, the dinner limericks, your quick wit and the way you linked the content back to the conference theme and objectives. Perfect.
— Sonia Robinson, Knowledge Conference Coordinator, North Central Catchment Management Authority, 2017
I was really happy with our graduation event last week. The two elements that pleased me most were 1, the ten or so graduating speakers, and 2, your MC-ing which kept the night tight and smooth, and left us feeling that we were part of something precious. Looking forward to working with you again.
— Charlie Davey, Sustainable Homes Coordinator, Cities of Darebin and Banyule, 2016
We engaged Ian as our MC for the annual Hills Sustainable Communities Conference One Path One Direction, Castle Hill NSW. The feedback from conference participants was that “the MC was excellent at keeping people on track with timing and presenting each person and keeping things moving and interesting”. Ian is an absolute professional and was very flexible. He took his time to plan and better understand the audience he was MC-ing for – something that was clearly apparent in his immediate connection with everyone on the day.
— Raquel Ricafort-Bleza: Community Development Coordinator, The Hills Shire Council, 2015
Hosting Hume’s Great Green Get Together in 2016, Ian made sure the focus of the event was to celebrate the fabulous environmental achievements of community members. He connected the big picture environmental issues of climate change and biodiversity, with the very local, positive community-driven initiatives in the municipality. He made people feel like we were part of the solution.
— Liz Turner, Sustainability Engagement Officer, City of Hume, 2016
We were lucky enough to have Ian MC at the Warrnambool Sustainable Living Festival, the largest event of its kind in South West Victoria. Ian’s energy and enthusiasm were completely contagious and his effortless crowd-management skills ensured that guests were constantly engaged and informed about events throughout the day. Ian’s endless bag of tricks (literally) entertained kids and adults alike and successfully got people talking about their vision for a healthier, happier future.
— Lisa Rankin, Sustainability Officer, Warrnambool City Council, 2014
Fine wrap up once again from you. People left feeling great, thanks in large part to your towering positivity, and your ability to cast this humble jumble of great community activities into part of a powerful transformation. We listen to you and understand that our efforts are serious and valuable, and an essential part of holding it all together.
Hope you are doing ok mate. Thanks for all your work and support.
— Charlie Davey, Hume City Council Environmental Champions Program, 2016
I found Ian very easy to work with, friendly and outgoing ... Ian’s insight and experience helped to shape our forum to make it more engaging ... It was clear to see that staff and students alike really enjoyed the day and were inspired by his knowledge and passion in sustainability ... We highly recommend Ian to other organisations and community groups seeking an engaging facilitator/MC.
— Sonia Nuttman, Environmental Officer, Deakin University
Ian provided a knowledgeable, humorous and punctual service to North Central Catchment Management Authority in your role as the MC at the 7th Biennial Victorian Flood Conference, November, 2010.
— Adrian Bathgate, North Central Catchment Management Authority
The MC was, without a doubt, the most interesting and engaging presenter I have ever witnessed. I am so inspired!
— Attendee, Deakin University Environmental Sustainability Forum, 2011
As MC Ian carried the event through all the delights of a fun celebration, contributing gems of environmental wisdom along the way. His time keeping was excellent and Ian kept things humming. He had familiarised himself with the Environmental Champions Program and the people involved. All present had a fabulous time, and I highly recommend Ian’s ability to take your event to a new level.
— Marcelle Holdaway, Environmental Community Development Officer, Hume City Council Environmental Champions Celebration Event, Craigieburn
The launch of the Don’t Be A Tosser Butt Litter Campaign in Bendigo was a great success. The event was well organised with a good media presence. It was your MC role which generated most excitement and interest on the day. I think you managed to get everyone really involved and that was a real plus for such a diverse group attending. Thanks for all the preparation and making the launch such a lively event.
— Rose Read l Program Leader, Community Programs, Sustainability Victoria, 2007
Your ability to engage and connect with the audience was valuable and the thought provoking stories you shared stimulated ideas for how sustainable behavioural and social change occurs. Your fun and uplifting nature was enlightening. We recommend other to consider you as MC.
— Miho Portelli, Sustainability Officer, City of Whitehorse

Master of Ceremonies events:

  • 2018 - DELWP Barwon New Energy Roundtable, Geelong

  • 2018 - Student Sustainability Summit, Resource Smart Schools, Newstead

  • 2018 - Drawdown, an evening with Paul Hawken, Bendigo

  • 2018 - Darebin and Banyule City Councils Community Sustainability Leaders Course Graduation Ceremony

  • 2018 - National Walking and Cycling Conference, Bendigo

  • 2018 - Haven; Home, Safe All Staff Day, Bendigo

  • 2018 - Future Movers Workshop, Bendigo for Make a Change Australia

  • 2018 - Community Sector Showcase, Bendigo

  • 2018 - DELWP Renewable Energy Policymakers Events in Bendigo and Kerang

  • 2017 - Hume Environmental Leaders Program Graduation, Craigieburn

  • 2017 - Community Energy Lunch, Bendigo

  • 2017 - Warrnambool Sustainability Festival

  • 2017 - Tri CMA Knowledge Sharing Conference, Echuca

  • 2017 - Banyule and Darebin Community Leadership Program Graduation, Bundoora

  • 2017 - Regional Renewable Energy, Bendigo, DELWP

  • 2017 - Regional Renewable Energy, Kerang, DELWP

  • 2017 - Haven; Home, Safe all staff day

  • 2017 - Creating Our Future Workshop, Make a Change Australia, Latrobe University Bendigo

  • 2017 - Future Movers Workshop, Make a Change Australia, Bendigo

  • 2017 - Community Sector Showcase, Ulumbarra Theatre Bendigo

  • 2016 - Hume Environmental Leaders Program Graduation, Craigieburn

  • 2016 - Hobsons Bay World Environment Day Community Volunteers Celebration

  • 2016 - ANMF Sustainability Conference, Melbourne Convention Centre

  • 2015 - Mount Alexander Shire Council Environment Strategy Community Workshops, Castlemaine

  • 2015 - Hume City Council EnviroChamps Graduation Ceremony, Melbourne

  • 2015 - Bendigo Youth Summit, City of Greater Bendigo

  • 2015 - Castle Hill Shire Council Sustainable Communities Conference, Sydney

  • 2014 - Two Active Transport Forums for schools and businesses for City of Greater Bendigo.

  • 2014 - Darebin/Banyule Community Sustainability Leaders Graduation, LaTrobe University, Bundoora

  • 2014 - Warrnambool Sustainability Festival

  • 2013 - Let's Talk Rubbish public education event, City of Greater Bendigo

  • 2012 - Environmental Champions Celebration Event, Craigieburn Global Learning Centre

  • 2012 - Bendigo Towards Zero Waste Launch, Bendigo Farmers Market

  • 2011 - Repower Bendigo Community Forum, BRITafe

  • 2011 - The Innagural Bendigo Community Sustainability Awards, Bendigo Town Hall

  • 2011 - Business in the 21 Century, a Paul Hawken talk, Bendigo Town Hall

  • 2011 - Deakin University Sustainability Forum

  • 2011 - City Of Whitehorse Sustainability Awards Evening

  • 2011 - The Bendigo Sustainability Group Trivia Night

  • 2010 - 7th Bienniel Victorian Flood Conference

  • 2010 - Fundraising event for Linda Beilhartz' north pole trek

  • 2010 - Central Victoria Solar City Welcome Pack Launch in Bendigo

  • 2008 - The launch of the Bendigo Sustainability Group

  • 2008 - Bendigo City Council youth environment forum 'Smells like Green Spirit"

  • 2007 - The "Climate Wise House" Seminar at the Capital Theatre in Bendigo

  • 2007 - Victorian Government launch of the "Dont be a Tosser" Campaign in Bendigo with MP Bob Cameron

  • 2006 - Victorian Local Governance Association 10 year Anniversary Dinner

  • 2006 - Launch of "Consuming Planet Earth" education kit from the department of Consumer Affairs with MP Marsha Thomson

  • 2005 - NSW Local Government Sustainability Conference at the Powerhouse Museum

  • 2003 - Co-MC at the NSW Local Government Environment Awards Dinner

  • 2002 - 2006 - Eight Central Mallee Sustainability Kids Conference events with the Central Mallee Regional Waste Management Group

  • 2003 & 2005 - Two Wimmera Sustainability Kids Conferences with the Wimmera Catchment Management Authority

  • 2002 - 2006 - Numerous Local Govenrnment Environment Program Launches including a Moonee Valley cigarette butts, Melton recycling service and Yarra plastic bags and campaigns

  • 2002 - 2006 - Numerous Local Government Festival Stages