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Change Practice presentation

How do we enable change around us? What does leadership look like in the 21st Century? Why does our brain hurt when we try to embed new behaviour? How to we create social movements within our workplace? And why wont that person listen to me? I've told them a thousand times!  For fifteen years Ian McBurney has delivered successful workplace culture change programs with business, manufacturing, local government, small business and communities, always drawing on the latest in neuroscience, environmental education, community development and culture change principles. His fast paced and inspiring talk is a journey through the complex web of human behaviour, learning and change practice. It is as relevant to large scale organisational change as it is to organising a lunchroom compost bin.

Good for the earth is good for business

A fast paced and inspiring look at the fast growing green economy, the state of the planet and the largest people movement in human history.  In development for over ten years and delivered with Ian's trademark humour, passion and clarity, he delivers a vibrant mix of stories, AV, info and interactivity that inspires, excites and challenges us to change. 

A talk completely adaptable for any audience. It has been delivered with rave reviews at universities, tafe, in boardrooms, manufacturing plants, schools, business events, rotary clubs, schools, sustainable living festivals, local government forums, university of the third age, Sustainability Street communities and more.

Ian delivers a wake up call - to recognise that humanity faces it's greatest challenge and also it's greatest opportunities.  We have a wonderful chance to recreate the way we live in this earth in a generation - for ourselves, for our children and all of life on earth.

Nature Hit presentation

What does nature mean for our workplace, our wellbeing, our economy and our lives? How connected are we to nature? Or is nature somewhere else? In typical style Ian weaves together stories, video, photos, the latest research and real world examples in this unforgettable presentation about our connection to our home - earth, and the inspiration nature can be for business, for our communities, our health and our future.

Recent Speaking Events


  • Banyule and Darebin City Council Community Sustainability Leaders course workshop on Leadership and change

  • MAV Sustainability Conference for bHive cooperative, Melbourne

  • IPAA Intrapreneurship Forum in Adelaide for bHive cooperative

  • New Economy Network Australia Annual Conference for bHive cooperative, Melbourne

  • MAV Local Government Sustainability Network Event, Melbourne


  • Change Practice Presentation, Banyule Community Sustainability Leaders, Ivanhoe and Preston

  • Business Waste Reduction, Loddon Mallee Regional Waste Management Group, Bendigo

  • The new economy, for Coliban Water staff, Bendigo

  • Vision of the Region Dinner, Loddon Mallee Community Leadership Program, Bendigo

  • Take Back the Sharing Economy with Platform Cooperatives with Trebor Scholz, Melbourne

  • Change Practice Presentation, Darebin Community Sustainability Leaders, Ivanhoe


  • Sustainability and the New Economy - Albany Sustainable Living Festival

  • From Resource Efficiency to the New Economy - Hume Business Champions Network, Echuca

  • Sustainability, Leadership and the Future Economy: Catholic Education Office Combined Grade Six Leadership Day

  • Change Practice: Darebin and Banyule Community Sustainability Leaders Courses

  • Enabling Change, Whittlesea Sustainability unit Team Building Day

  • Coliban Water Innovation Speaker “Move Over Uber - Bendigo's Shared Economy Future”

  • Victorian Renal Clinical Network: Innovation Collaboration & Sustainability


  • Sustainability and the New Economy: Metropolitan Fire Brigade Sustainability Plan Workshop

  • Active Travel: Epsom and Huntly Primary Schools

  • Education for Sustainability: Manangatang Primary

  • Sustainability and the Future: Sacred Heart College Kyneton

  • Change Practice: Darebin and the Banyule Community Sustainability Leaders Course

  • Sustainability and Health: Australian Nursing and Midwifery Federation Sustainability Conference

  • Sustainability and the New Economy: Rotary District Conference, Maryborough

  • Sustainability, Leadership and the Future Economy: Catholic Education Office Combined Grade Six Leadership Day

  • ANMF Sustainability Conference, Melbourne Town Hall


  • Five Youth Leadership Workshops, Bendigo 

  • Darebin Community Sustainability Leaders, Melbourne

  • Banyule Community Sustainability Leaders, Melbourne

  • Conversations for Change, Warrnambool

  • Talking ecoLogical Workshop, Melbourne

  • VFSPA Pharmacy Conference, Melbourne

Ian is brilliant. I just can’t stop listening to him.
— Matt White, Assistant Environmental Engagement Officer, Hobsons Bay City Council, 2013
Ian is a skilled and passionate communicator on climate change. I have heard a lot of speakers on this subject. Ian is second to Al Gore
— Peter Hansford, president Macedon Ranges Sustainability Group, 2011
You really to have a way with getting into the hearts and minds of people, a great talent.
— Lisa Smith, Principal Project Officer, ecoBiz Programs, Department of Environment and Natural Heritage QLD, 2012




Everyone who came into contact with Ian McBurney felt rejuvenated and inspired to make a difference in their world, it was wonderful to see this passion go viral! From executive management in the City of Albany, right through to the community member attending our Sustainable Living Fair & Expo - every person left with a sense of ‘I can make a difference’. Thank you for sharing your passion and enthusiasm.
— Laura Bird, Sustainable Living Fair and Expo Coordinator, 2016
I had quite a number of people tell me how much they had enjoyed your presentation and how they found it very thought provoking as well as easy to listen to. Several commented that it was a shame that we didn’t have longer to explore the “thousand conversations” that were starting to happen in our Q&A session immediately after your presentation. I would endorse all of this. Thanks again for contributing to the success of our event.
— Chris Morgan, Business Network Office, Shire of Campaspe, 2016
Ian - is amazing! Intellectual and passionate as well.”
“Ian’s presentation was very interesting and thought-provoking.
— Vision of the Region Dinner Attendees, Loddon Mallee Community Leadership Program, 2017
Response to your workshop:
‘off the charts excellent’
‘this session was my favourite’
 Ratings for your session: 17 * excellent, 1* good and 1 * Ok
 Pretty impressive J  thank you!
— Jo Connor, Darebin and Banyule Community Sustainability Leaders program, 2017
I saw Ian present a plenary and conduct a workshop at a medical conference I attended recently. Both were entertaining, thought provoking and challenging and I left feeling inspired and excited, both personally, and by the fact that he was so well received by the broad range of attendees at the conference. It made me feel hopeful that awareness and attitudes might be finally starting to shift within the health sector.
— Dr. K. Barraclough, Nephrologist, Royal Melbourne Hospital, 2016
The Tasmanian Local Government Association would like to thank you for your highly engaging, informative and enjoyable presentation to kick off the 2015 LGAT Annual Conference. We were delighted that you could join us and very much appreciated your input to the conference. Your presentation was ranked among the top 3 conference highlights by the delegates, with 72% rating it as ‘excellent’ and 28% rating it as ‘good’. We would have no hesitation in recommending you to other Associations seeking quality conference speakers and we wish you every success in your future endeavours.
— Stephanie Watson, Communications Manager, Local Government Association of Tasmania 2015
Ian your Behaviour Change presentation was the best we have ever seen; it was captivating, inspirational and provided some great practical information. After the forum, we had a huge request from participants that we attain a copy of your presentation.
— DELWP Young Professionals Network, 2015
80% of attendees rated your presentation as one of the elements of the day that they enjoyed most. This was the highest ranked activity. On an informal level, I had quite a number of people tell me how much they had enjoyed your presentation and how they found it very thought provoking as well as easy to listen to. Several commented that it was a shame that we didn’t have longer to explore the “thousand conversations” that were starting to happen in our Q&A session immediately after your presentation. I would endorse all of this.
— Chris Morgan, Business Network Officer, Shire of Campaspe, 2016
On behalf of the Conference Planning Committee, please accept our sincere appreciation for your significant contribution to the overall success of our recent Rotary District Conference in Maryborough. Your engaging and inspirational presentation provided the perfect challenge for Rotarians to become more actively involved in looking after our planet. Many people were so impressed by the way you balanced the encouraging good things that are happening whilst facing us all with the significant challenges that lie before us. With your assistance, our District, our Conference team, Maryborough Rotary and our Shire have been able to deliver an event of which we can all be truly proud.
— Geoff James: Rotary District 9780 Governor, 2015
Ian performed the key note address at our annual conference for our state association. His presentation on the topic of change was thought provoking and helped pull together our agenda on wellbeing to make the conference a success. Ian’s style is positive and engaging which ensures the audience gets great value from the content he provides.
— Michael Fleming, CEO, UFS Pharmacy Bendigo
Ian’s presentation proved to be one of the conference highlights. His subject knowledge is incredible and his performance on the day was sincere, genuine and truly motivating. He was extremely well organised and self-sufficient. A consummate professional and champion for the natural environment. Highly recommended and would use again.
— Kim Knersch, conference organiser, Wyndham Kindergarten Conference

Can our economy and our environment thrive together? A presentation at the Rotary District Conference March 2015

Ian’s presentation was fabulous and incredibly inspiring.”
”Ian’s presentation was insightful and empowering and it made me realise that we call all make change happen.”
”Ian’s presentation was inspiring and emotionally rich….it went straight to the heart.”
”I loved Ian’s heart and passion and his ability to share that.
— Sustainability Leadership Workshop Participants in Darebin and Banyule, 2014
Your sessions were really affirming, uplifting and good for the soul. Your presentations reminded me that I am part of something bigger, and that collectively we are on the right track.
— Samantha Green, Sustainable Communities Coordinator, City of Darebin
As the guest speaker at the launch of Western Water’s new Climate Change Strategy, Ian provided an informed, thought provoking and at times, very humorous discussion on climate change and the need for our organisation to continue to mitigate greenhouse gas emissions whilst adapting to its predicted impacts. Ian successfully engaged our staff and promoted discussion on how each staff member could contribute to the Strategy’s aims. Very positive feedback was received from our staff on his presentation and I would highly recommend Ian as an environmental motivator.
— Les McLean, General Manager Commercial Services, Western Water, March 2011
Ian delivers the most hopeful and inspiring message for our future that I have seen.
— Peter Eisen, University of the Third Age, Bendigo

My Vision for a Prosperous Future Bendigo. Presenting at the Outside the Square event streamed live by Design Experts.