Biomimicry: Most of the answers will come from nature. We just need to tune in.

Biomimicry is a new science. It is the study of nature's 3.8 billion years of design perfection: many of the answers we need as we create a sustainable future are already in nature.  We have learned so little of what nature has to teach. The wheel is present in the propelling mechanism of ancient bacteria. Every single leaf on every single tree creates energy from the sun at 95% efficiency: we can do up to 30%.  Mother of pearl (50 times stronger than our kiln fired ceramics) self assembles in the ocean.  Throuh biomimicry, a Japanese train engine has been designed in shape like the Kingfisher beak, to travel with greater efficiency through the underground system   Nothing sticks to a lotus leaf: we have now created a paint with the same characteristic. Biomimicry is an exciting science and will hopefully lead to a newfound respect for nature, beyond the aesthetic, emotional, awe inspiring, health, service and other reasons that nature is so important.