Let's drop the 'greenie' tag already

We are all on the path to ecological sustainability. Everyone in every home, workplace, school and community simply must make ecological sustainability a major part of their life.  The opposite is unthinkable.  We each make hundreds of decisions every day that have an impact on water, waste, energy and biodiversity through our food, our homes, our transport, our purchasing and our work.  The days of the token, extra environmental project or person are gone.  It is about survival. It is about the business bottom line. It is core to success. CEOs in suits, mums and dads, truck drivers, students, grandparents, yuppie couples and milk bar managers must pull out all stops to create a sustainable future. So let's get over the old adversarial 'greenie' label and just get on with it.  Next time someone at your workplace tries to raise an ecological sustainability idea – let's not label and marginalise: promote them!