Info? Tech? Meh! It's all about people.

I realised a while back that we have the technology (solar thermal, electric cars, LED bulbs, bike paths) and the information (google sustainability!) to create a sustainability led economy, society and organisation. What we do not have are the skills to enable a culture of change.  The brochure, the lecture, campaign and the technology only tack on trap (like whacking a tank on the side of an unsustainable building) have had their day. We need to understand people and change. Community development theory, the latest neuroscience and education principles are the key. All else follows. 

If those passionate about our planet and creating a sustainability led economy really cared, they would spend time understanding how to enable, inspire and teach others. As David Orr said once, we need to make this a party that everyone wants to come to.  

People skills seem like they are innate in some people and not in others. But they are skills that can be learnt, like we learn a musical instrument or a new computer game.